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Article: Hand Hammered Ear Climbers - A Stylish Way to Dress Up Your Ears!

Hand Hammered Ear Climbers - A Stylish Way to Dress Up Your Ears!

The latest unique jewelry fashion trends include ear climbers

Ear climbers are the fabulous type of earring that can effortlessly give your ear a multi-piercing look. If you look at the history you will find that he dazzling ear climbers or ear crawlers has been worn since ancient times but this style of earrings is loved and adored by the modern fashionistas as well. The latest jewelry fashion trends have approved it to be the stunning new style to dress up your ears. Although there are many beautiful designs of the ear climbers available in the market but the most outstanding and unique one is hand hammered ear climber style that is gaining more and more popularity day by day. These earrings can be considered as ear studs; worn as studs and twisted up like cuffs to rest on your lobe.

Add Elegant, Edgy Sparkle!

By wearing in only one piercing, you can easily add a sparkle on your ear in the form of ear climbers. This is undoubtedly a freshest way to dress up your ears and spice up your whole look easily. Ear climbers have proved to be edgy and elegant for any kind of outfit. You can opt to wear these hand hammered ear climbers with almost any kind of outfit from formal to casual.

Red Carpet Ear Crawlers

Many top celebrities and fashion influencers have recently been spotted wearing various types of ear climbers or ear crawlers; from red carpets to street style. Iconic Celebes like Meghan Markle, Gigi Hadid, Kendal Jenner, Emma Watson and many more have been seen rocking their distinctive personal style in dazzling ear climbers. You can also wear these earrings with different kind of outfits without fear of going wrong. The best quality of this kind of earrings is that they look equally flattering with formal evening wear as with a fun day out street style. You can uplift the style sensation by adding multi piercing with it but the concept of ‘Less is more’ works great here.


Ear Climbers add an elegant and sophistication to your style

Hand hammered ear climbers look more elegant and sophisticated than any other design and style of crawler earrings. The minimalist style and simplicity is the key of attraction in this type of earrings. What’s more to consider! It has 14K Gold Fill that makes it most dazzling piece of jewelry. The distinctive quality is that it’s durable and won’t chip or flake by the passage of time. It is definitely going to be an asset in your jewelry collection; a pair of earrings that is all ‘win’ in the terms of style.



♡ Choose an ear ♡
♡ Insert into your ear hole & Rotate into position ♡
♡  Squeeze closed & repeat ♡
♡ Still not sure? Watch a video tutorial, simply click here 

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