Beach Babe Fashion Lookbook

Top packing ideas for your weekend beach vacation

Are you going on a much-awaited beach vacation during the coming weekend? If yes, you must be super excited as you are finally getting a chance to wear lightweight items of clothing for the first time this spring. But more than the excitement, you are feeling overwhelmed as you cannot decide which clothes to pack in your suitcase to look gorgeous and attractive on the beaches. You also need a few fashion accessories to impress everyone while shopping and dining in high quality restaurants. Here are some beautiful dresses and accessories to solve your dilemma.


Lemon print beachwear kimono

Of course, you will be carrying different styles of bikinis and swimsuits to enjoy the sun and the sand. But you need a stylish outerwear to make yourself stylish and fashionable when heading to the beach. This floral print kimono over your bikini will give you a very alluring and vibrant look and add to the charisma of your personality. Made from a combination of chiffon, polyester, and cotton, this kimono is soft and flowy, and it will get you the attention you deserve when going to the beach. Besides beachwear, you can also wear this beautiful kimono over a tank top or a T-shirt to look gorgeous. This fruit inspired citrus lemon kimono is available for just $45

High waist swimsuit with floral bikini

If you are going on your vacation with kids, it is advisable to wear a swimsuit that is not too revealing. This high waist swimsuit with a high neck top will not only make you look hot and attractive but also work as a modest dress on the beach. With a high neck dark green top and a beautiful floral high waist bikini, this swimsuit is going to make you the centre of attraction on the beach. The fabric is a unique blend of polyester and spandex to keep you totally comfortable under the sun.


Hand hammered climber earrings

This pair of climber earrings made of 14k gold is all you need to catch the attention for everyone around you when you are moving in the malls or going to a restaurant for a dinner. You can easily make a fashion statement with the help of these handmade earrings that give a very cute and feminine look. These earrings are priced at just $30 to make them a must buy for you when going on a vacation.