Marble isn't just for countertops... check out this Marble iPhone Case!

Hey there...Happy Friday!

As I mentioned last week, I lost my iPhone. I suspect I left it on the top of my SUV and unknowingly drove away. I retraced my steps, checking all the bends and stops in the road, but had no luck finding it.

Luckily I had just backed up my photos (#MomLife) so really as much as I was bummed about losing my actual iPhone, I was equally bummed about losing my iPhone case! I had hunted for weeks to find the perfect one and was in love with it.

So, I took to the internet to find a replacement and in my search I found THIS guy...!

Geometric Marble iPhone Case

Marble is popping up EVERYWHERE and I love the look of it on a case. There's the option for an all-marble case but my fave is the Geometric Pink and Marble cover (pictured above).

Geometric Marble iPhone Case

There's the option for both sizes of the iPhone 6 and 7 and they are pretty easy to get on and off.

This case will protect your phone from scratches and scuffs, but I can't promise it's safe return when left on the roof of a moving car ;)

>>> Click here to buy the Geometric Marble iPhone case 

The case is only $15 'til Wednesday, May 10th at midnight (well, technically 11:59pm;)

That's it for this Friday's Find. I hope you like it AND that you have a wonderful weekend!

I am currently in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan for a couple weeks so if you are in the area let me know and we can grab a coffee :)

~ Kalyn

P.S: Don't forget to claim your $5 OFF! Use the coupon code "SUBSCRIBER" when checking out.