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Article: Four Fantastic Headbands to Hide a Bad Hair Day!

Four Fantastic Headbands to Hide a Bad Hair Day!

Four Fantastic Headbands to Hide a Bad Hair Day!

Real talk: I have never been a huge hair-doer. I am guilty of letting it air dry, going too long in-between cuts and just letting it go.

Now with Ayla, my 6 month old daughter, I find I have even less time to do it. And I'd normally not care so much, but here's the problem......

I take way more pictures of myself because: Ayla! :)

 So I have jumped on the headband train! They hide my weird hair, add some flair and have me out of the door in mere minutes! Well, almost ;)

Here are four of my favorite headbands to hide the bed head and save you time!


1. Mom and Baby Matching Gold Leaf Boho Headbands

These "Mom and Baby Matching Gold Leaf Boho Headbands" may not hide the bed head but honestly, how could I pass up the opportunity to have matching headbands?! I just love them.

They are also the Friday Find of the week and are on sale until Wednesday! Head here for more details :)

Mom and Baby Boho Matching Headbands


2. Funky, Yet Simple Head Scarf

I used to LOVE the idea of wearing a head scarf as a headband. I have a ton of funky ones laying around, but every time I tried to wear one it just looked...weird.

So I was super happy when I stumbled upon this quick tutorial from Keiko Lynn and voila! Problem solved. Head here to read her tutorial on how to show off that scarf!

Head Scarf Tutorial


3. Fringe Fighter Headband from Lululemon

More real talk: My hair has been falling out. Like A LOT. I know that's really common for a lot of women after having a baby.

So this headband from Lululemon is perfect to hide the bald spots (eeek) at my hairline. Sorry for the graphic details ;)

It also DOESN'T budge and I love how you can resize it to make it make it wider, or smaller depending on your needs. View it on Lululemon here.

Fringe Fighter Headband from Lululemon 

4. Baby Knot Headband

Adults aren't the only ones rocking out the headbands! In fact, I think Ayla has one to match every outfit in her wardrobe...yikes!

But headbands for babies are such an easy, inexpensive accessory. My Mom bought this Baby Knot Headband for Ayla on Etsy in navy and it is the cutest.

It's soft, fits comfortably and isn't too tight (always my worry with putting headbands on little ones). Find your own funky color and print here.

 Baby Knot Headband from Etsy


So there you have it, my four go-to headbands!

I'd love to know if you have any favorites - feel free to hit "reply" to this email and let me know. I am always looking for new ways to simplify my life :)

Hope you have a wonderful week and you'll be hearing from me on Friday as I reveal the NEW Friday Find!

~ Kalyn

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