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Article: Five Gifts You Wish You Got!

Five Gifts You Wish You Got!

Five Gifts You Wish You Got!

Alright, lets be honest, you didn't exactly get the gift you wanted...

Luckily, we are super rad, independent woman that have nooo problem getting what we want! Am I right?! 

So, you absolutely must know what you totally MISSED out on! I've spend countless hours compiling the top FIVE gifts that should have been gifted...


Essential Oils are totally ALL the rage! with the outrageous health benefits and BLISSFUL smells, oils are sure to captivate the boho chic gal.

Sooooo, I've found the BEST and CUTEST travel companion for your essential oil collection!

portable car essential oil sidekick. AND its under $20 bucks! 


Personalized Zodiac Necklace Coin Pendants are a truly one-of-a-kind statement piece that reflect your true personality. A total must have! 

Don't steal my idea, but these make an incredible gift idea! Thoughtful, unique, stylish and inexpensive! Pssst, I'm a libra (far right design) and I've already had so many compliments.  


*Most UNDER RATE gifts ever* are DIY, I have NO clue why... they are such a cool and unique gift idea! I mean, what a great way to spark an untapped creative artsy side...

My jaw dropped when I cam accross the funkiest fairy garden travel trailer DIY kit EVERRR! 

I know... I know... you might chuckle a little, and yes their for adults! But, you will enjoy every minute of putting together and customizing your hipster fairy travel trailer! 


Support a small local shop or a mom on Etsy! We all know that when a small business gets an order, they put so much love and effort into giving you a truly special and unique experience (whatever it may be).

One of my fav handmade finds is the Custom Handmade Wire Wrap Name Necklace & matching heart earrings


Everyone hates receiving clothes... WRONG! The right pair of fun leggings are always a great gift!

I've found a one-size-fits-all style legging! And their a downright super fantastic OMBRE mandala design! And I've got your back their only $19.99 (for a limited time).

That's a wrap! I hope you treat yourself to something special, we all deserve a little self love and gratitude! We don't have it easy! 



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