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Ambassador Program Terms & Conditions

The Brand Ambassador Agreement (“Agreement”) hereby presented is subscribed by the Brand Ambassador (“Ambassador”) and Kalyn & Co. (“Company”) to declare the mutual benefits entitled in this document.

The Company will create a 20% off coupon that the Ambassador will use to purchase products from (“Online Store”).* The Ambassador will use these products to review them and create posts to be shared within the Ambassador’s social networks. The Company will repost these posts in its own social networks to maximize exposure.

The Company will issue a 15% off coupon especially tailored for the Ambassador which the Ambassador can share with as many people as he/she chooses. For every time the coupon is used to purchase from the Online Store, the Company will pay the Ambassador 10% of the retail price of the purchase.* Payment will be issued on the last business day of every month after the purchase is confirmed and will be transferred to the PayPal account that the Ambassador indicates.

The Ambassador acknowledges that the Company will share the pictures that the Ambassador took for the specific purpose of promoting the Company in its social networks and website at the Company’s discretion. The Ambassador will remain as the sole owner of every picture taken by the Ambassador.

The Ambassador acknowledges that all images and materials taken from the Online Store are copyrighted and owned by the Company for all purposes.

The Ambassador may use the discount code for his/her own purchases to get 15% off but will not be paid for those purchases.

This Agreement is valid for 12 months after the date the Ambassador subscribed to it and will be subject of renovation/change after said period. *Shipping costs not included. Both parties, the Company and the Ambassador, subscribe to this agreement willingly, fully understanding its terms and in good faith for mutual benefit.

Kalyn & co.

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