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Article: Get Ready for Yoga!

Get Ready for Yoga!

Get Ready for Yoga! maternity shirts are still in my closet and I JUST stopped wearing them! It's been 7 months since I was preggo so I'm way overdue for a wardrobe overhaul! 

I'm learning that throughout motherhood I need to take time for myself. This time can be pretty creative and short, but is certainly a necessity!

My two absolute favorite relaxing pastimes include: sipping on an ice cold glass of white wine (no fancy brand or cup required) and a blissful yoga class..

Having a glass of wine is easy, I pour a glass after putting my daughter Ayla down for the night or while doing the dishes. However, my relaxing yoga practice has been a little more challenging...

Luckily, I've been super fortunate to find a yoga class that Ayla can join! Yay! Though it's not quite as relaxing as pre-baby days I still enjoy every second and have no problem enjoying my practice with other mommas and lovely babes! 

Being an active and outdoorsy kinda gal, I'm not going to lie, I was pretty upset with how my body looked after giving birth.
Stretchy, squishy, plump and miss-shaped (I gained 60+ lbs and Ayla was a 9 lbs baby!) being devastated was an understatement.
Luckily, I quickly bounced back thanks to yoga, breastfeeding and a super active babe, and I am now back to my pre-baby weight!
So, I am ready to show off a little more skin these days and I have been looking for the perfect yoga outfit / accessories to overhaul my wardrobe!
Can you guess what this Friday's Find is? Yup, fun, comfortable and flattering yoga pants and leggings! Or sipping wine outfit ;) lol

I've been going to yoga for years now, even during my pregnancy and honestly I've never really bought any cute or styling outfits, and to be even MORE honest, I've been wearing my maternity clothes months after giving birth!

So, it's time to donate my maternity clothes and replace them ASAP! ;)


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