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Article: Hand Hammered Climber Earrings - Accessorize With Confidence

Hand Hammered Climber Earrings - Accessorize With Confidence - Kalyn & Co.

Hand Hammered Climber Earrings - Accessorize With Confidence

He notices you from across the room and flashes his tried and tested Hollywood smile. You drop your eyes demurely and look away, but a mischievous smirk pulls at the corners of your lips. Tucking your hair behind your ear, you allow your fingers to trail down your neck. You know this draws attention to the 14k gold earring climbing up your lobe. You know, because you’ve done this before. This little game of cat and mouse. 


He approaches.

“I love your earrings!” 

“Thank you. I do too.” 

With catlike grace, you turn to walk away exuding confidence. He lingers in confusion. That line has always worked. He doesn’t understand. He will never understand. Your self-worth is irrelevant to his approval. You’re powerful and independent. Your confidence, like your new earrings, is a stylish accessory that you wear with pride. Because your opinion is the only one that matters, and you do love your new hand-hammered climber earrings.   

You’re powerful and independent. Your confident.

Shop With Confidence - Jewelry for the Conscious Consumer 

Confidence comes from within, but it is also shaped by external forces. For the conscious consumer, confidence and knowledge are directly proportional. The more you know, the more confident you will be in your buying decisions. When purchasing jewelry, the aim is to invest in pieces that will last. This is where quality factors in. Buying handmade jewelry allows you to consciously and confidently choose high-quality pieces.

Kalyn & Co hand hammers each piece of jewelry for a one of a kind feel. They operate under the belief that jewelry should be stylish, accessible, and affordable. That’s why Kalyn & Co aims to create a selection of contemporary, quality, everyday pieces for individuals who love to accessorize. Confident individuals like you. 


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Ear Climbers - An Effortless Accessory

Be confident in celebrating your natural beauty with Kalyn & Co’s popular hand-hammered, ear climber earrings. This statement piece is a top seller, available in 14k gold, 14k rose gold or sterling silver. A minimalist earring, these ear climbers pair well with every outfit. Whether getting ready to run errands, going to work, or heading out on a date, these mindfully crafted earrings are the perfect, effortless accessory. 


Why You’ll Love Them:

  1. They’re stylish. There is a reason that these are Kalyn & Co’s number one selling piece. Women want them, and it’s easy to see why. Subtle yet alluring, you can be confident that these hand-hammered ear climbers will still make a statement. 
  2. They truly are the perfect effortless accessory. To wear, match the curve to the correct ear, insert and rotate into position, and then squeeze closed. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. 
  3. Ear climbers offer a contemporary style for a traditional piercing. Ear piercing options abound. Even so, some women prefer to stick with tradition by only piercing their earlobes. Ear climbers extend upwards on the lobe adding a contemporary flair. This provides more adornment for the wearer without requiring more piercings. 

If you’re looking for an effortless way to highlight your natural beauty, Kalyn & Co’s hand-hammered climber earrings are a perfect choice. Accessorize with confidence today by visiting Kalyn & Co for a wide selection of handmade earrings, necklaces, and rings.  

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