Zero Waste Organic Bamboo Cutlery Set with Eco-friendly Reusable DIY Flatware Pouch

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Enjoy eating out in Eco-style with this Zero Waste Cutlery Pack. It is an Eco-friendly Reusable Utensil Lunch Set with an Organic Bamboo fork, spoon knife and convenient DIY flatware carry pouch. 

Did you know that Americans alone use 500 million disposable utensils each day? That is enough forks to circle the Earth 2 1/2 times each Day! Gross, right? Single use, BPA containing, items NEVER biodegrade and are in the top ten items polluting the ocean. So just say no to plastic! 

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Style: Dinnerware Sets
Material: Organic Bamboo Wood
Included: Spoon/Fork/Knife Kit
Environment Features: Eco-Friendly & Zero Waste