Kalyn's Finds BIG Launch!

Hey friends! I am launching a new business called Kalyn's Finds and need your help!
Which of the four items do you LIKE THE MOST? Comment below to tell me your fave item!
4 potential Friday Finds items

1. Bathing Suit
Colors: ruffle top comes in peach (pictured) or black. High-waisted bottoms come in black and white stripe.
Sizes: s, m, l, xl

2. Wallet
Colors: pink and tan (pictured), or blue and green.
Sizes: s, m, l

3. Necklace
Personalized to say a name, or word
14k gold plated

4. Yoga Pants
Colors: black, grey
Sizes: s, m, l, xl, xxl

Here's why I want to know your fave item!!

Every week I will be sharing via email an awesome product that I have discovered. It can be one-of-a-kind, a crazy deal, or just something I fell in love with and think you’ll love too.

I love all these four items but wanted to see which was the most popular. The item that gets the most votes will be the FIRST item I send out and offer for sale on Kalyn's Finds - launching FRIDAY, APRIL 7TH!

I'd love for you to get on the list here (it's free!) --> http://bit.ly/kalynsfinds that way you get to see the weekly featured item and have a chance to buy it if ya love it. If not, there's always next week! ;)

I think part of the fun is never knowing what item will be next AND that every week offers a great deal, 'cause you all know I love a deal!

Thanks SO much for your help - it means so much!



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